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WALT: use a range of vocabulary in our writing.
WALT: edit our work, checking that all our sentences make sense and that we have full stops and capital letters in the correct places.

Your task: You are going to be writing an text, explaining ‘RESPECT.’ You began to do this when planning for your animation task last week.

  • What does it mean to be respectful?
  • How can we show respect around school?
  • How can we show our peers respect?
  • How can we show our class respect?
  • How can we show our school respect?
  • How can we show our wider community respect?

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  • TASK 1: Take part in discussions about what ‘RESPECT’ looks like. Come up with words you can use in your writing.

Hint: You may like to share the Ako 3 word bank on your blog!

  • TASK 2: Plan for your writing and then begin writing!

You do not need to write into these boxes, but it may help some of you to structure your writing.

Respect for the environment.
Respect to your friends
Respect to your class
Respect to your school.
PARAGRAPH 4 (Optional)
Respect to our wider community

You may want to begin writing here, rather than into the boxes above:

Respect to our friends means showing them what to do the right place at the right time.

Care to our class means telling them what to do and when they are talking we tell them to do the right thing.

Respect to our school is showing the little kids the right thing to do so they can copy the big kids when year 4s and up can show.

Respect to our wider community means care to our wider community don’t walk away from the rubbish.

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