Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Te Wā Toi

Talofa lava today this is the first day and I am writing about this morning I am trying to achieve on writing and reading because I need help on my reading Mrs Moala helped me and I got better at reading I just need help on writing and then I just need to focus on maths when I get better at writing and that would help better at school if I pass one more reading test then that will be good for me because I will be at my own age because I passed reading and that took me to 9 then I just need to pass one more reading test and that will take me to level 10.

Cave Drawing Animation

Monday, 8 October 2018

Ginny pig

On Monday me and my brother freedom got a Ginny pig and it came with a buddy to play with but then my Ness killed the other Ginny pig but now we just got this Ginny pig we called it Custer because the Ginny pig looked like Custer me and my brother freedom was sad that the other Ginny passed and when me and my brother freedom made him a home to live in and he is happy

Thursday, 4 October 2018


On Wednesday me and my family went to Gravity we were bouncing on the trampolines they were so bouncy I keep on falling on the sides and my family was playing dodge ball in the doge ball place my sister was hitting the ball on my mum and I was hitting my brother freedom then he just keep on hitting me then I got mad then I was just going on Freedom then freedom got mad at me and I was just running away from freedom then we went back home and we played