Friday, 17 November 2017

Reading: Helpful

`Helpful Junior Journal 50

List the reasons why the children didn’t want to help Grandad in the garden. Use full sentences
It was hard work.
They got to hot.
They got to sweaty.
And they bakes hurt.
They didn’t like gardening.
Ho  would she have.

On page 28, why did the author write
Dad shook his head

Because dad was very very very very angry.

What did grandad do before he left the house?

He went to tell kele to get up.

On page 29, why did the author write
Vika beamed at him

Because she did not like grandad to do her shows.

What was Kele doing when he waved at Matt?
He want to do his work.

On page 32, why did the author write
He rushed straight to the gate before Grandad could change his mind.

Because she was jalies.

On page 32, why did the author write
Dad laughed and patted Vika on the back.

When she was happy at the end.

My narrative

One Day I was at home and when I found a door. I went thru it and then I was in this strange world because there was A dark world and a bright I loved it on the bright side because it had fairies and butterflies. The dark side was very very dark it had these Insects and they didn’t like bright staff like fairies deist. they loved sticks and broken staff in the middle of the worlds there were this. keeper he was the one that looks after the worlds and keep them safe. But one day the king of the dark side wanted the to keep the world dark so he told all of his people Gather up to take the most power of them all. The king of the fairies was not happy when he found out what was happening so he got up and he went to the middle of the world.And that was where the keeper lived he had magic dast and power to keep the world safe when the fairy king got to the keeper he said to him you are in danger the king said so the keeper said no who is going to look after the power of the world he will take the power of the world if he pulls the power to keep the world save it will all go dark so the king got all of his men and got them to guide the tree but when they left the keepers tree was gone dust floating in the air green grass pulling off the ground the mud shaking everywhere and then then keeper done an magic scpal and it went happily ever after.


Thursday, 16 November 2017