Friday, 20 October 2017

Algebra: Patterns.

music madness

During assembly Mr J and miss nua and Mr burt was sing musical madness

When Mr J was blowing into the trumpet  he had an red face and it was dark

While the teams were showing what they were doing I watched and I was

Laughed and laughed my favorite part was team 4 in the car and Mr J was in

His car and he was funny very funny I loved how Mr moran was singing

But he was taking and acting at the same time he was funny I liked it

How Mr Brut had his heir funky at last we were finally in the end of

Assembly  we were going out of the hallway when we were going out the

Mr J and Mr Brut and Miss Nua sing when we were going out they were

Singing music madness Mr Samivel was playing the trumps and Mr wiseman
Was playing the guitar he was funny and we all went to class and we were

doing something with music madness.